Halifax Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Contest Winners Tamara & Derick

Tamara and Derick were one of two winners of the draw I held at the Atlantic Wedding Showcase, for a free Engagement Session.  I met up with them at Hatfield Farm in Hammonds Plains and we made our way around the property taking pictures at various places on the farm.  None of us had been […]

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Matt - Brisbane Photographer - Love that alpacas haircut!!

Hannes Uys - Awesome work Dustin! Inspirational stuff!

Cassandra - Great setting for a photo shoot! Nice work!

Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Kelsey and Justin

Kelsey and Justin held their wedding at Pictou Lodge in what I would call a family event.  I don’t think there’s a better way to describe the day.  When I arrived at the lodge, I found the atmosphere to be very relaxed.  There was a tent setup out behind Kelsey and Justin’s cabin and people […]

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Carolyn Coyle - Great pictures Dustin!! Awesome shoot!

Matt - Brisbane Photographer - Love that first shot with the rings balancing!

Dollie K. Snider - Unless they are in the wedding party why would anyone, guest or the couple, want to bring kids anyway? Kids can’t seem to keep still long enough for a whole wedding and reception. They can be noisy, a big distraction, and why would a woman want to take 5 kids? A wedding is not daycare for the kids to run off on their own so the mom can get in some adult convo. Get a sitter.

Congratulations Nathan MacKinnon

Today Nathan Mackinnon was drafted first overall in the NHL entry draft by the Colorado Avalance, making him the second kid from Cole Harbour to receive that top honour.  While I won’t be cheering for him against my Penguins, I hope he does well, inspiring more top tier hockey players from Nova Scotia in the […]

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Matt - Brisbane Photographer - Great pics! I would love to photograph an ice hockey game one day!

Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Jenny & Pam – Halifax and Toronto

When Pamela contacted me about her wedding, I thought it sounded like the perfect wedding for me to photograph.  Pamela and her fiancee Jenny were planning a wedding in Halifax on June 1st, and then a second reception a week later in Toronto, a perfect combination of where I am and where I’m from. Jenny […]

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Nicola Thompson - Looks like great fun! That first shot caught my eye with the silhouette behind the dress!

Paul Fuller - Awesome job Dustin, looks like such a happy day!

Heather Kanilopoolos - Were those… batman underpants? EPIC!!! Hahaha so awesome.

Elissa - Oh! Beautiful! I love the street photos.

Hilary Mercer - I love that second dress shot and the one of the granny getting down. Nice work!

Ross - That last frame is wonderful!

Pamela - Thanks for being such a good-spirited, tireless photographer during our 2 sessions, Dustin. These have turned out to be such beautiful pictures, and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Mercedes - Gorgeous wedding! And cracking up at the Batman undies!

kong wai - Gorgeous wedding! Love your work

JESSIE - Love that last image! Beautiful love.

Stefanie - lovely. that atwood quote made my heart stop a little bit.

don barrington - Really want to shoot a same sex marriage one day. great job man. ;)

Dominique / York Place Studios - Those two are deliciously wonderful! Great frames Dustin :D

Kat Forsyth - Looove. Okay, I’m always a sucker for two wedding dresses, but this was even more awesome than usual! I love the mixture of urban and natural locations, and the reception looks crazy fun.

Anton Chia - They are so beautiful! The dress shot is good, love the shadow behind!

zac - Nice job, it

Matt - Brisbane Photographer - Love the illumination in that first shot!

Halifax Photographer Dustin Hall – Contest Winners Miranda & Josh

When I held a draw for a free engagement session at the Atlantic Wedding Showcase, the very first entry was from Miranda.  I must admit, I thought the odds of her winning were quite low, but it turns out that I was wrong. We had planned on meeting these photos for quite a while and […]

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Dale Lempa - Nice engagement set. Awesome colors.

Matt the Brisbane Photographer - Love the choice of having the male in his uniform. Really gives it that extra context. Nice work!

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