Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – 2012 Retrospective (Favourties)

Well,  2012 has come to a close.  2013 has so much potential and I hope I can tap into that to have my most successful year to date.  I am calling 2012 my transition year with my business making the move from Ontario to Nova Scotia.  I shot most of my weddings in Ontario, flying […]

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Dale Lempa - This is a solid body of photographic work. I love your clean simplicity.

Martin Turner - I really love these images. The really bring out the personality of the people. Thanks for sharing.

Early Mornings

I would never call myself a morning person and I likely never will.  I wish I were though.  I get up to walk the dogs when Robyn heads to work and I am often greeted by the most beautiful sunrises here in Nova Scotia, especially now that it’s darker in the morning.  This morning was […]

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Happy Halloween

This was our second Halloween in Nova Scotia, but our first in this house.  We once again bought too much candy but this time Robyn made sure I didn’t get Rockets or Tootsie Rolls as we had those for 9 months after last year’s 11 kids.  This year we had just one little guy come […]

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