Dustin Hall Photography – A preview from Ireland

It’s been a while since I returned from Ireland and I’ve been asked about my photos a number of times, so I feel like I should show a sampling of what you can expect from the full blog post when I finish editing the entire trip.  Why these photos specifically?  Well, as I edit, I […]

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Destination Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Andrew & Ciara in Ireland – Village at Lyons

When Andrew told me he and Ciara were getting married in Ireland, I jumped at the chance to photograph their wedding.  I had been to Ireland once before and loved it, so a chance to go back was a no brainer for me.  Getting there proved to be a bit of a hassle, but that’s […]

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Cassandra - Aruba Weddings - Love all these photos! Beautiful location. Love the kiss in the car shot from outside.

Sheila Knight - You’ve done a fantastic job Dustin! The quality of the pictures is awesome, you have a great eye for detail and composition. I hope your trip home was less difficult than going to Ireland. Many thanks to you (and your lovely ‘assistant’ Robyn) for creating these wonderful memories.

Elaine Smith - Absolutely beautiful.. Photos certainly tell the wedding story of 2 special people.

Teresa K - Wow, what a wedding! And a helicopter…awesome!!

Daniel Ha - Beautiful and lively! Love how you captured the wedding.

Mark Pacura - Fantastic coverage. So many great moments captured.

Caryn - I just love how vibrant and green everything is! What a lovely couple, and what gorgeous work!!

Paul Fuller - Great job Dustin, some awesome shots of what looks like a great day, really love the first dance shot with the backlight particulrly

Ross Harvey - Fantastic wedding! Love your processing :)

Shipra Panosian - Beautiful couple, gorgeous setting….what a fantastic event! Great work!

Anton Chia - Amazing wedding! Great moments and top class work there!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - You captured some serious party action in this wedding. Great job!

John bello - Beautiful work, the reception shots are my favourites! :)

Dominique / York Place Studios - Those puppy shots are seriously cute! Great captures x

Joseph Hall - Helicopter and Guinness – it can’t get much better than that! lovely wedding!

Jon Yoder - Beautiful work Dustin! So fun. :)

Stephen K. Shefrin Photography - Great wedding, looked really fun.

Chris - Smudged Photo - Beautiful colours throughout. Great work.

Portland Wedding Photography - Very beautiful photographs Dustin! Amazing shot… Specially that silhouette at the church.

International Travel Photographer Dustin Hall

I am still in Ireland with a few days left in our travels, but I thought I would post a preview photo or two, a little teaser to show what’s been up.  Now, I am only working from my little laptop and I didn’t spend much time in post processing, so hopefully the final result […]

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Joseph Hall - Wow, these shots are crazy good, absolutely stunning!

Cassandra - Aruba Weddings - Beautiful shot of the Milky Way!

International Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Andrew and Ciara in Ireland – Preview

Andrew and Ciara were married today in Kilcullen, Ireland.  The reception went well into the night, as I’m told many weddings in Ireland do, and it was a good time.  I don’t like to go into to much detail in my preview posts, but this time I’ll explain something.  You’ll notice a helicopter in one […]

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Joseph Hall - Brilliant set, hope you got to go in the chopper!!

Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Lesley & David at Pier 21

Lesley and David’s wedding day was unlike any other I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.  I had mentioned in the teaser I posted, that there were some hiccups on the day.  One of those hiccups came not long after I arrived.  I was photographing some details when I asked if the flowers had arrived yet […]

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Aruba Weddings - Cassandra - Lovely images! Great, the pre-first-look on the balcony shot! Love the fun and candid pics!

Stephen K. Shefrin Photography - very nice. this wedding looked like a lot of fun.

Lesley - Love every single shot! Thanks so much for capturing our day!
Also thanks to the florist – Carol at Crabapple Cottage, and Marina of Velocity Event Management for the decor/ organization!

Laura - Great photos! And yes, the bridesmaids WERE playing drinking games during the speeches!

SAF - Great pics! They are beautiful! … And we totally were playing a drinking game ;)

Joseph Hall - Amazing photos Dustin – love the Canada silhouette!

Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Harry Potter Meets the Beach – Crystal & David – White Point Beach Resort

Crystal and David’s wedding took place at White Point Beach Resort, so we made sure not to burn the place down.  The day was a beautiful one with just the right temperature.  With the sun shining we were able to get photos on the beach as they had hoped and not have to worry too […]

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Joseph Hall - The first and the last shots are completely brilliant – fine work Potter!!

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