Herring Cove Polar Bear Dip – Dustin Hall Photography

I must admit, I hadn’t planned on doing a blog post for the Herring Cove Polar Bear Dip but after looking through my photos, I felt compelled.  I had never been to a polar bear dip before today, nor had I ever contemplated participating in one, but a friend of mine was jumping and I […]

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Sara May- Portland Wedding Photographers - Yikes! I’m freezing just looking at these photos. Looks like it was a fun event for you to photograph.

robert maclellan - Dustin,

I was the organizer of the dip and it was really cool to see the
different nationalities that have made their way to the dip to celebrate the new year.

Glad you had fun, nice blog and all the best for the wedding party.
I know they said they had a good time as well.

happy new year

Halifax Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Alicia and Evan

Alicia and Evan were making plans to come back to Nova Scotia from Alberta for the Christmas holidays and with a tight schedule, we booked a day and time well in advance of their arrival.  I began watching the weather over a week in before they arrived and the forecast was everything from rain to […]

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Monique Doucet - Absolutely beautiful pics, love the ones of them wrapped up untrue blanket together & the ring in the snowball, so cute

Michael Sasser- Denver Senior Photographer - Love the cozy feel of this session even though it looks so cold!

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, But I Sure Know Where I’ve Been – Dustin Hall

Last summer I was back at my parents’ house in Burlington, Ontario and I wound up looking at old family photos.  I have always liked looking through the albums my mom had put together over the years, but this time I wanted to see more.  Curating family photos is no easy task as some of […]

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Matt - Live music photographer - Nice shots as always, Dustin!

Lam - sweet momemories.

Dustin Hall Photography – A preview from Ireland

It’s been a while since I returned from Ireland and I’ve been asked about my photos a number of times, so I feel like I should show a sampling of what you can expect from the full blog post when I finish editing the entire trip.  Why these photos specifically?  Well, as I edit, I […]

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