Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Laura and Steve – Hernder Estate Winery – St. Catharines

Laura and Steve we’re married on September 16th at Hernder Estate Winery in St. Catharines, but the day started in Burlington where the girls were getting ready.  Laura and Steve are both from Burlington and that’s how I know them.  Steve’s 2 years older than I am, as are my brothers and he played baseball […]

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Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Fun reception photos!

Mary Sylvia - Oh man I really like the shot of her coming out the front door with her dress hiked up…looks like magazine territory.

Kyle - Ooooh, totally digging the shot of the couple small amidst all the greenery of the vineyard! So gorgeous!

Natalie - Wow! Absolutely GORGEOUS wedding! So many beautiful moments!

Teresa - Ooh, I absolutely LOVE that second image! Awesome job!!

Emily Porter - This looks like such a fun wedding!! That closeup makeup eye photo made me say “wow” outloud.

Kat Forsyth - Totally pretty! What a location! I need to get married in a barn in a vineyard.

benj haisch - those shots in the vineyard are rad.

Heather - AWESOME venue!

Ryan Chan - Really great coverage, Dustin! I’m going to have to save some of these images to Pinterest as inspiriation!

Amanda - Great shots Dustin! I would LOVE to know where the bride got her shoes!!! For my wedding next year I want lime green shoes for myself and bridesmaids and need help finding places to look

Kasia - Wonderful stuff!

Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Tamara and Rob’s Wedding in Burlington, Ontario – Royal Botanical Gardens and Holiday Inn

On September 10th, Tamara and Rob got married at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario with their reception at the Holiday Inn.  The day was beautiful with lots of sun and blue skies.  The wedding party was a different setup than you might be used to, with the groomsmen also having a groomsmaid and […]

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Gina - These are fantastic! Love all the action on the dance floor that you captured. Looks like so much fun!

Matt - Magnificent! Love the shots of the bridal party mate!

Sam - Fun looking wedding and great coverage Dustin!

Kyle - That black and white first dance shot is GORGEOUS!

Nick - Love the details at this wedding! And you’ve captured some amazing crazy dance shots. Love it!

Marianne Taylor - Oh my god, the favour bags for the sweets are just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! So fun.

Anton Chia - Awesome work! Love the clean details pics and the dance pics are really good and depicts the fun and love in this wedding. Thank you for sharing your work!

jessica lorren - Love the wedding party lineup shots!

Lisa Novakowski - Wow, they sure were all in on the dancing! Looks like a fun, fantastic wedding, and you really captured the moments. Well done!

nadine - so much action and dynamic feeling! looks like a fun wedding!

Emily Heizer Photography - I really like the warm tones and bright light in your images! Really your strength here is in the reception shots though! Great lighting, and great expressions from the guests! THe bride doing that charleston move (I’m sure it’s part of another dance, but I only know it as “THE CHARLESTON” LOL) is awesome!

Derek Christie Photography - How cool is that hanger!? Awesome stuff, I love the last picture with the rim light. Perfect.

Amanda - Great shots Dustin! It was a great wedding and I was lucky enough to be the coordinator for the venue, as well as know the families. It was such a fun night and you captured it so well! fantastic job and only even more of a confirmation that I booked the right person to cover my own wedding next year :)

Derek - Way to kill it Dustin!! You did an amazing job capturing and telling their story.

Halifax and Toronto Wedding Photographer – From Ontario to Nova Scotia – The BIG Move

For a little while now, I’ve been titling my posts with ‘Halifax Wedding Photographer’ and recently I announced that my wife and I were moving.  Well, a week ago today, we moved.  My brothers Kevin and Brandon who both live in the Kitchener area, came down to Burlington for 8:00am to help load the uhaul.  […]

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ryan chan - really cool that you documented your move out to NS! I would have probably been too lazy to do so, or would have just used my iPhone. Good to see you made it there safely. Mary and I will definitely give you a ring when we travel out in that direction!

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