Happy Halloween

This was our second Halloween in Nova Scotia, but our first in this house.  We once again bought too much candy but this time Robyn made sure I didn’t get Rockets or Tootsie Rolls as we had those for 9 months after last year’s 11 kids.  This year we had just one little guy come […]

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Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Tracey & Cameron

When I got to Tracey’s house, it was pretty obvious that she was a little dejected over the weather.  It was cold, windy, and raining.  Who wouldn’t be disappointed that their wedding day was going to be this way?  I made my way to the church before the girls to setup and when I arrived, […]

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Erin Spencer - These photos so perfectly captured the beauty and spirit of Trace and Cameron’s wedding! Dustin, you didn’t miss a beat – well done!

Tracey Crabtree - Thank you Dustin! We really appreciated that you immersed yourself in our celebrations. You captured our day beautifully!

Mary Sylvia - Wow what a beauty, I just love that shot of them kissing at their reception; very movie like!

Jessica Vogelsang - The photo where the little boy is holding the cutout of the bride’s head is too funny!!!

Julianne Markow - Looks like a perfect wedding even with the rain, beautiful photos too :-)

Angel - Stunning bride. Such a fun crowd and you captured it perfectly. But the groom jumping with the umbrella takes the cake!

Chantal - Lovely moments captured. You really killed it on the dance floor!

Kellee Walsh - Love the B&W of her walking down the aisle with her mum, just beautiful!

Alan Mooney - Fantastic work. Love the shot of the rings on the piano keys. Nicely captured!

sam hurd - dayum.

Jessie - Love the one of them on the pier where they are walking away and she is turning back. Beautiful, romantic shot.

Daylene Wilson - What a pleasant wedding ceremony!

Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Erin & Tony

You may remember Erin and Tony from their wonderful engagement session at their cottage on Georgian Bay.  If not, click HERE to check it out.  Having done engagement photos together, we had a familiarity on their wedding day that doesn’t happen often with just meeting before the wedding.  We started early at Lorenzo’s salon by […]

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Danielle Hansuld - WOW!!!!!!
The photos are Fantastic. He captured great moments throughout the day. Absolutely Beautiful . Loved them ALL.

Roland Hale - Nice lighting!

Halifax Newborn Photographer Dustin Hall – Connor

While in Ontario for a week, I met up with Shannon and Rich’s first born, Connor.  He came into the world a bit earlier than expected, but I know everyone was just happy he was a healthy baby.  When I met him, he was exactly a month old.  Shannon and I only decided on when […]

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Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Chantal & Catherine – Lesbian Wedding in Toronto

I had the fortune of meeting Catherine (whom I know, and will refer to as; Tanner) in 2005 when we were both a part of the ‘Canadian Moose‘ a World travelling hockey team’.  She was on the women’s and I the men’s team (obviously).  We went to New Zealand and Australia and it was a […]

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Heather K - LOVE that second shot, very moody!

Jessica Vogelsang - They look like they had an awesome time partying! Great captures!

Sara - This is such an awesome wedding! Wonderful job!

Kyle - Love how creative you were with compositions!

Janet - what a beautiful collection to remember the day by, gorgeous

Amber Wilkie - Nice work, Dustin! What a sweet couple.

Leah Muse - Such a fun day full of celebrating.. lovely!

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