Atlantic Wedding Showcase – Contest Winner…

Sunday January 20th was a great day.  My booth at the Atlantic Wedding Showcase was packed all day and I met a ton of great people, mostly brides, a few grooms, and some other wedding vendors whom I’d never met before.  I even met one guy who was wearing both a bride and a groom […]

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Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – 2012 Retrospective (Favourties)

Well,  2012 has come to a close.  2013 has so much potential and I hope I can tap into that to have my most successful year to date.  I am calling 2012 my transition year with my business making the move from Ontario to Nova Scotia.  I shot most of my weddings in Ontario, flying […]

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Dale Lempa - This is a solid body of photographic work. I love your clean simplicity.

Martin Turner - I really love these images. The really bring out the personality of the people. Thanks for sharing.

Early Mornings

I would never call myself a morning person and I likely never will.  I wish I were though.  I get up to walk the dogs when Robyn heads to work and I am often greeted by the most beautiful sunrises here in Nova Scotia, especially now that it’s darker in the morning.  This morning was […]

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Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Autumn Days

With wedding season over and all the editing done, wedding albums designed and the files all backed up, I’ve got to find other things to do.  I really don’t need to find them, I’ve been putting them off all summer.  One thing that has recently cropped up is the raking.  Fall is my favourite time […]

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Happy Halloween

This was our second Halloween in Nova Scotia, but our first in this house.  We once again bought too much candy but this time Robyn made sure I didn’t get Rockets or Tootsie Rolls as we had those for 9 months after last year’s 11 kids.  This year we had just one little guy come […]

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Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Tracey & Cameron

When I got to Tracey’s house, it was pretty obvious that she was a little dejected over the weather.  It was cold, windy, and raining.  Who wouldn’t be disappointed that their wedding day was going to be this way?  I made my way to the church before the girls to setup and when I arrived, […]

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Erin Spencer - These photos so perfectly captured the beauty and spirit of Trace and Cameron’s wedding! Dustin, you didn’t miss a beat – well done!

Tracey Crabtree - Thank you Dustin! We really appreciated that you immersed yourself in our celebrations. You captured our day beautifully!

Mary Sylvia - Wow what a beauty, I just love that shot of them kissing at their reception; very movie like!

Jessica Vogelsang - The photo where the little boy is holding the cutout of the bride’s head is too funny!!!

Julianne Markow - Looks like a perfect wedding even with the rain, beautiful photos too :-)

Angel - Stunning bride. Such a fun crowd and you captured it perfectly. But the groom jumping with the umbrella takes the cake!

Chantal - Lovely moments captured. You really killed it on the dance floor!

Kellee Walsh - Love the B&W of her walking down the aisle with her mum, just beautiful!

Alan Mooney - Fantastic work. Love the shot of the rings on the piano keys. Nicely captured!

sam hurd - dayum.

Jessie - Love the one of them on the pier where they are walking away and she is turning back. Beautiful, romantic shot.

Daylene Wilson - What a pleasant wedding ceremony!

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