Cape Breton Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Tracy & Rich – Dundee Resort & Golf Club

Tracy and I met back in 2011 at the Canada Games in Halifax.  I was living in Ontario at the time, and came out to volunteer as a photographer at the games, and hopefully check out the city and meet some people.  We were both volunteering at a hockey game between teams Nova Scotia and […]

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Jo-Anne Gillis - Very nice Tracy Morgan Boudreau!

Tara Marie - Great pictures!!!!

Halifax Newborn Photographer Dustin Hall – Jocelyn

I’ve been friends with John and Natasha since they booked me to shoot their wedding about 2 years ago.  While rock climbing one day I told him the news that my wife was pregnant with our first child and he was over the moon with excitement for me.  I could tell he wanted to be […]

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PEI Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Natalie & Alex

At our first meeting, I was only able to meet Natalie, so I hadn’t seen her and Alex interact with each other to be able to get an idea of what their relationship was like.  On Saturday I met Alex and Natalie at a random canola field, how can you not love those bright vibrant […]

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Philip Boudreau - Beautiful session Dustin! Congrats to the lovely couple!

Leah Holland - Beautiful

Christine Fenton - Beautiful Natalie, you look so very happy! I am beyond happy for you!!!

Jan Sutin - Gorgeous!!!

Robin Craig - You two are so beautiful. Makes me so happy to see you together and know that your lives are so wonderfully entwined. xxxxx

Lee Ann Mitchell - Beautiful Natalie :)

Kate Westphal - Breathtaking!

Cheryl Roberts - Absolutely gorgeous shots of a beautiful couple. Nat and Alex are soulmates – you only have to spend 2 minutes with them to realize it! :)

Kathryn MacLeod - wow Valerie Paton

Norah Molyneaux - Those are fantastic! So happy for you both!

Summerside Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Laurie & Philip

I met Laurie at the Island wedding show this past winter.  It was the week after that crazy snowfall, remember that, or have you blocked that week from your memory?  Fortunately for all of us, we had much nicer weather on the weekend for our engagement session together.  Laurie and Philip may now live off […]

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Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Leanne & Kunal – Marriott Harbourfront

When I arrived at the Marriott, my first task was to go see Kunal and his groomsmen.  In typical Kunal style, he was very calm and relaxed, seemingly unflappable.  He introduced me to his groomsmen, and it felt like I was one of the guys right away.  When you look at someone’s friends, you can […]

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Lynn Kelley - Loved all the pictures – beautiful couple – looks like everyone had a wonderful time

Simon Roy - Congrats Leanne & Kunal. Wishing you all the best. Beautiful photos.

Dede Johnson Boudreau - Love all the pictures Leanne and Kunal, congratulations and wishing you years of love and happiness. <3

Danila Botha Vernon - Wow, I LOVE these SO much xoxoxo

Missy Symonds Searl - Dustin you did an amazing job … These pictures are lovely.

Leanne Flynn - Thank you, Dustin for these beautiful photos!! Thanks to all who left nice comments for using our day:)

Sathik - Congrats Kunal Bro and Wish You Happy Married Life :) Pics are awesome bro :) My best wishes :) Excellent Photographs Loved it :)

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