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Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to share a few photos from our Christmas card photo session this year with my daughter Isla.  Instead of keeping all my outtakes this year, I deleted most of them right off the bat without thinking about making a blog post, so I only had a few to choose from.  The first image […]

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Isla goes Trick or Treating – Her first real Halloween

Isla is 17 months old tomorrow, so almost a year and a half, so this is obviously the first time she’s actually been able to get out and Trick or Treat.  That means I’m counting this year as her first Halloween. We took her outside to take a couple of photos with her matching pumpkins […]

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Happy 50th Birthday Mario!!!

If you know anything about me, you probably know how much of a Pittsburgh Penguins fan I am.  I don’t exactly know how it happened, but when I was only a few years old, I became a Pens fan.  I have pictures of myself at 5 or 6 years old with a Mario Lemieux t-shirt, […]

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My little girl is one – Happy Birthday Isla!!!

They all tell you.  You nod in agreement and say ‘I know’, but it’s not until your child is actually born that you truly do understand.  I was the same way, but now I get it.  When someone says that kids grow up before you know it, they’re right.  I feel both like Isla was […]

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Ohhh I ate too much … What’s for dessert?

I wrote this a year ago but never published it, the memory was still too fresh for not just me, but for some of those I know would read it.  After waiting about a week to post it, I decided I would wait a year, wait until it was easier for me, I can’t speak […]

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Rob Dodsworth - A really beautiful post and words, heartbreaking but also very funny. He looks like the kind of guy you can’t help smiling around. And this is why we do it > “I love looking back at old photos and keeping memories alive. My daughter will never meet her great grandfather, but I can guarantee you she will know that he was a great man, a kind man, the best of all people.” – Peace to him and kind wishes to you and yours!

Winter in Nova Scotia

You may have noticed that Halifax had a bit of snow today, well it was actually the largest single day snowfall on record for Halifax (in March).  For myself this meant a few hours out shovelling.  We had drifts 5′ in height on the driveway and with the wind being as crazy as it was, […]

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