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10 Years of travel – A Top 10 – Dustin Hall Photography

Today, April 28th, 2015, marks exactly 10 years since I set off on the first travel experience of my life.  My travel experiences to that point consisted of places I had been to play or watch hockey, or go camping with family.  Up until this point, I had no real interest in travel either, I […]

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International Travel Photographer Dustin Hall – Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

First off, I am going to refer to both The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as simply ‘Ireland’ from here on out. This blog post is quite overdue, but client photos come before personal ones, so here we are, 6 months after returning from Ireland, with a bunch of photos to show.  This will […]

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Chris Turner - Awesome work, love all of these.

Dustin Hall Photography – A preview from Ireland

It’s been a while since I returned from Ireland and I’ve been asked about my photos a number of times, so I feel like I should show a sampling of what you can expect from the full blog post when I finish editing the entire trip.  Why these photos specifically?  Well, as I edit, I […]

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International Travel Photographer Dustin Hall

I am still in Ireland with a few days left in our travels, but I thought I would post a preview photo or two, a little teaser to show what’s been up.  Now, I am only working from my little laptop and I didn’t spend much time in post processing, so hopefully the final result […]

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Joseph Hall - Wow, these shots are crazy good, absolutely stunning!

Cassandra - Aruba Weddings - Beautiful shot of the Milky Way!

St. Paddy’s Day

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, I figured I would celebrate by posting some of my favourite photos from my last trip to Ireland.  I’ll be going again this September for Andrew and Ciara’s wedding and I’m immensely looking forward to it.  If you have any suggestions of where I should visit on this trip, […]

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Dale Lempa - Great stuff, thanks for sharing. The emerald isle is a beautiful place.

Ireland Day 8 – Canadian Travel Photographer Dustin Hall

The last day in Ireland has come.  After a quick breakfast, we hit the road North in the direction of Dublin.  However, we decided to pass the city and go to Newgrange, an approximately 5000 year old monument, whose use is unknown. On our way to Newgrange, we discovered that there was a concert in […]

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