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2015 Retrospective

We’ve orbited around the sun one more time and 2015 has come to a close.  I remember looking back at my 2014 and thinking about all the great people I had met that year.  I didn’t think I could meet as many great people in 2015, I didn’t think it was possible.  I was wrong.  […]

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Iberostar Rose Hall – Scott & Kate’s Destination Wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica

It was a couple years ago that I first met Scott while playing hockey.  As two of the youngest and fastest players out there on Monday mornings, we naturally became competitive with each other.  Scott and I always play on separate teams, so I don’t really know how we became friends, but we did.  Scott’s […]

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Ivan Kudryashov - Very beautifull photos! Thank you!
It seemed as I was with you there.

Lynn LeBlanc - What beautiful pictures. Congrats to all

Stephanie & Shaun at the Atlantica Hotel

Stephanie and Shaun booked me just a little more than a month before their wedding.  While together for about 12 years, their engagement was a short one.  From what I hear, Stephanie is an organized, planning, person, which is the kind of person you need to be to pull off a wedding in a short […]

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Musical wedding at the Hubbards Barn – Amanda & Scott

I met Amanda at the Atlantic Wedding Showcase in January where we spoke briefly.  She had seemed interested, but I’m notoriously bad at gauging interest at wedding shows, so I didn’t get my hopes up.  About a half hour later she returned and booked me on the spot, the first time I’ve had that happen. […]

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Verlie Andrews - Beautiful photos and beautiful couple.

Theo Cleveland - Awesome pictures ,beautiful bride an I must say they are a great band

Beverly Murphy-Levy - Beautiful

Joni Hubley - you guys are awesome & such a sweet couple!!! Beautiful photos & congrats Scott & Amanda!!!

Lyndsy & Tony at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church & Community Centre

I must say, Lyndsy and Tony’s wedding was one I had been nervous about all season.  While I have shot many weddings, this was going to be my first Greek wedding.  A Greek wedding ceremony has many new to me traditions which I needed to be aware of, and capture.  Tony had informed me of […]

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Valorie Carpenter-Donovan - amazing pictures”

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Love the pics. Did you use any off camera flash in the wedding dance shots?

Nancy Briand - all I can do is cry with happiness for Lyndsy

Dustin Hall - During the first dance yes, but not during the rest of the dancing.

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